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Thai Talks

Thai Talks is a section where Thai people do the Talking and Farangs will do the reading. Basically we try to get interesting subjects and ask Thai natives to write a little something about it. Check it out and again, if you are a Thai native speaker or a Farang with Jedi Thai skills – you know who you are – and if you would like to write fun stuff about fun subjects, contact us or throw us a message on Facebook! Read it here!

Products and Services

We do write about products and services aimed for Thai learners and you can find them by clicking here.
Please note that we are not partners or affiliates with any of the companies reviewed and that we purely write about what we find. If you happen to have a Thai teaching service and would like us to write about it, please contact us via the website or Facebook.

In the Spotlight

We are looking for members who want to be featured on this website. If you fancy a short interview about you and your Thai language learning drop us a message or an email.

Is Farang an Offensive Term?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the term “Farang” is offensive or not. The group was loaded with this question so we decided to move the battleground over to the website. If you want to know if this term is offensive or not you can read all about it by clicking this link. Linguist Rikker Dockum tells you all about it so check it out! If you still want to discuss this topic you can do so on the website!

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