With กับ

Using กับ With – Khun Wannaporn

กับ or กะ
gàp or gà = with
keun née kun yòo gàp pŏm dâai maí
Can you stay with me tonight?

kun jà bpai gàp krai
Who are you going with?

mee kwaam sùk gàp sìng têe kun mee
Be happy with what you have.

kin kâo gàp a-rai kráp
What are you eating with the rice?

kin gàp pàt bprîeow wăan mŏo kà
with sweet and sour sauce fried with pork.

ด้วยกัน dûay kan = together
____ ด้วยกันมั้ย
____ dûay kan mái
you wanna ____ together?
Used when you have planned to do it or when you are already doing it.
It’s a nice and common way to invite someone to join you.
For example
you are driving to work and you see a neighbor walking on the street, you can say
pai dûay kan mái kráp
( wanna ) come together?
You are having some somtum and some colleagues walk pass by, you can say
kin dûay kan mái kráp
( wanna ) eat together?


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