1. Mark

    Great man thanks a lot.. Thai hyperspeed d his give me the fear though.. But very useful

  2. Michel

    Great exercice, thank you!
    “and lets do this with the ป and the พ/ผ as well so here goes;
    ปาพา ปาผ่า ปาพ่า ปาพ๊า ปาผา”
    I think you want the second syllabe to be sucessively mid, low, falling, high and rising.

    ปาพ๊า Should be high tone so should be written with mai too and not mai trii (mai trii is not possible). Right?

    Keep going and thank to Kruu Porn for the sound file!

  3. Maarten

    You are right Michel and the พ๊า is merely a typo.
    Will adjust and thanks for the feedback 🙂


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