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  1. Liz Roberts

    Dear khun wannaporn,
    I love this post. I totally loved it for a number of reasons. I actually knew maybe one third of the things in it and that felt exciting because I couldn’t find what I know. Let us rest in this joyful moment! I particularly like that when you take a word in this case like Saai and you build a lot of things around the use of that one word. Often when I am helping people with their English I will use that from the English learners dictionary.
    Okay one problem. I didn’t understand the two lines
    That start from the word retort….. so I don’t get how do you say “that is not going to happen.” I can think of lots of applications of that phrase!
    The other thing that would be useful for me would be how to turn it into a negative.
    Also there are lots of idioms using see. I am thinking here about your references to short and farsighted. So if you want to say I just can’t see your point of view. Is Saai used in those?
    This has been absolutely super for me…..thank you so much


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