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Words for “beautiful” or “looking good” or appearances in general
We all know สวย (sŭay) and it’s probably the most common one. Further on there is หน้าตาดี (nâa dtaa dee) which is comparable with “good looking” I suppose

These (together with หล่อ – lòr – handsome or รูปหล่อ rôop lòr ) are probably the most well known but there are a lot more beyond the scope of these ones.

I just write a couple of words in random order I know for beautiful/cute/handsome or anything related to that. know more? Just add it as a reply to this post!

ขึ้นกล้อง – kêun glông = photogenic
จ๊าบ – jáap – slick
น่ารัก – nâa rák = Cute
อาโนเนะ – Aa noo ne = Cute too or well it is the japanese word for it
เช้งวับ – cháyng wáp = prettily, attractively,
เท่ – tây = for those people who look cool/stylish etc

If somebody is good looking enough that you can brag about it you can use ไปวัดไปวา – bpai wát bpai waa as a funny slang sort of thing.

สวยด้วยแพทย์ = sŭay dûay pâet – guess this one

Here are some really useful comments:

Luke Bruder Bauer:


งดงาด งาม (often used instead of suay in lao and isaan)
เก๋ can be used for nice-looking clothing รองเท้าเก๋̣̣(ดี)นะ 
ลออ – I haven’t heard many Thais use this, you find it in literature sometimes though and I like it because they use this word in Cambodian for good or pretty, pronounced ละออ


for babies, some people think it’s bad luck to say น่ารัก, so you so น่าเกลียดน่าชัง instead


It can also mean to beguile or entice ….ล่อเสือออกจากภ้ำ

The word หล่อ also means to cast metal or even in some cases to lubricate. There weren’t enough tones available I suppose.

Maarten Tummers:

Another one I just came to think of is เริ่ด – rêrt and it means if somebody is outstanding. Another one is เร้าใจ which means arousing I guess.

Victoria Kronemeyer:

อ้อร้อ means cute too and boys might say it about a girl they like

Kruu Mia:

หล่อไม่เสร็จ means not quite handsome. There is the joke behind it..หล่อ is not only means handsome but also means to cast, mold. When trying to mold a sculpture of a handsome man but the work is not finish for whatever reason.The handsomeness of sculpture is nearly here BUT not quite yet. When someone claim himself or someone else to be handsome but the listener disagree. A:แฟนฉันหล่อนะเธอ B: แน่ใจนะฉันว่าหล่อไม่เสร็จมากกว่า

Then Kruu Mia came with a question and we all had to guess what หล่อร้อยเมตร actually means. Luke Bruder Bauer replied with: good from far but far from good.

สวยด้วยแพทย์ was still open but Keith Williams got it right with “beauty by doctor. I suppose / guess beauty as a result of cosmetic surgery. Artificial good looks”

Gary Salmon came to aid with his หน้าคม- attractive, bright aura type look and also added มีเสนห์- attractive charm and คารม- oratory eloquence to the list!

There you have it! Beautiful! If you have any suggestions you can either reply to the post or add it right here to the Facebook page!


Edit: Bernard Le Du was nice and he made a set of Quizlet cards for this post. They can be found here!

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