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A Good Read – Behind The Painting

A recommendation for a good read from Veradej Wisetjarkhun: Behind The Painting. Apart from the story, Veradej recommended it for its beautiful use of language.

Does anyone here read Thai novel? I would like to recommend ข้างหลังภาพ “Behind the Painting” written by ศรีบูรพา กุหลาบ สายประดิษฐ์. The story has been adapted into films and musicals. I love the story for its beautiful language. I think the novel has been translated into English as well, but I don’t think English version may sound as nice as the original. I would say it is a Thai’s Romeo Juliet. It is about a young man Nopphorn, who fell in love with Keerati, his father’s friend’s wife. But somehow they did not get together in the end. Before Keerati’s death, she left Nopphorn with a parting gift – a painting of Mount Mitake waterfall during her visit in Japan where Nopphorn was studying at. The story starts with Nopphorn looking at this painting and reflecting on the story behind the painting. 
Spoiler ends here. Please go and read one. During my recent visit to Japan, I intentionally visited the place. It’s beautiful.

Beautiful quotes:
…ฉันตายโดยปราศจากคนที่รักฉัน แต่ฉันก็อิ่มใจว่า ฉันมีคนที่ฉันรัก…
I died without being loved but I am satisfied to have someone I love. 
Only the truth is the verdict determining our fate.

a good read, the waterfall featured in the novel

A good read: Veradej stands at the waterfall featured in the book






There is also a film of this novel, on YouTube that Yuki Tachaya posted about

…ความรักของเธอเกิดขึ้นที่นั้นแล้วก็ตายที่นั้น แต่ของอีกคนหนึ่งกำลังจะรุ่งโรจน์ในร่างที่กำลังจะแตกดับ…
…Your love was born and died over there. But the other’s still shines brightly in the dying body.

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