Common Verbs

Some common and important to know verbs.

Khun Wannaporn has given us another lesson.

kam grì-yaa têe kun kuan jà róo 
Verbs that you should know
ทำ tam = do or make
กิน gin = to eat
นอน non = to sleep ; lie down
ทำงาน tam-ngaan = to work
พูด pôot = to speak ; say
บอก bòk = to tell
คุย kui = to talk
เข้าใจ kâo jai = to understand
คิด kít = to think
รู้ róo = to know ( some facts ) รู้จัก róo-jàk = to know someone, something, some places
ไป bpai = to go
มา maa = to come
กลับ glàp = to return ; go back
เดิน dern = to walk
วิ่ง wîng = to run
เจอ jer = to meet
ดู doo = to watch
เห็น hĕn = to see
มอง mong = to look ( at )
ทำกับข้าว tam gàp kâao or ทำอาหาร tam aa hăan = to cook
บ่น bòn = to complain
เห็นด้วย hĕn dûay = to agree
ให้ hâi = to let ; have ( someone to do something )
อยู่ yòo = to live
ใช้ chái = to use
เอา ao = to take ; to bring
อยาก yàak = to want to
โกหก go-hòk = to lie

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  1. Richard Jensen

    This is great information for beginners, I like it very much. Good job everyone for helping our members. Thanks 🙂


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