shoe shopping

Shoe shopping  Brilliant Winter Brilliant Winter takes us shopping for shoes ConversationA : May I help you ? – ให้ดิฉันช่วยอะไรไหมคะ – Hai dichaan chuay arai mhai ka B : I’m […]

Stomach and abdominal matters from Khun Wannaporn ท้อง tóng 1. stomach ปวดท้อง bpùat tóng = to have a stomachache ท้องเสีย tóng sĭa or ท้องเดิน tóng dern = to have diarrhea […]

Southern Thai The question of the Southern Thai language and its difference to Central Thai was mentioned in a post on the Facebook Page. Brilliant Winter replied with an exert […]

The Flower Market

 The Pak Klong Talat Flower Market When you go to the flower market at pak klong talat…. Conversation A : I would like to buy 100 roses.– ฉัน(ผม)อยากซื้อกุหลาบ 100 ดอก […]

recipe 1

Thai Recipes. ต้มยำกุ้ง   Sawasdee ka. Do you want to have dinner with me? Lol I glad to show Thai food for you. So this weekend – invite your gf or […]

Some common and important to know verbs. Khun Wannaporn has given us another lesson. คำกริยาที่คุณควรจะรู้kam grì-yaa têe kun kuan jà róo Verbs that you should knowทำ tam = do or makeกิน […]