Some really useful grammar pointers for Thai learners of all levels, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced learners who want to know more about the linguistic aspects behind the language.

 Ambiguous sentences Brilliant Winter has posted a series of articles on different Thai sentence forms. The first of these was about ambiguity in sentences. Ambiguous = กำกวม = kamkūam If […]

Daniel Cordova ask for some help with the past tense. I am having some trouble constructing sentences in the past tense. Namely, I’m confused between the proper situations to use […]

Little by Little – Stuart Jay Raj One of the first things many learners of Thai learn to say when responding to the question พูดไทยได้มั้ย pʰû:t tʰai dâi mái? (Do […]

La particule de l’inaccompli. NB: Les phrases qui servent d’exemple ici sont de moi, mais étant donné mon niveau (faible) en thaï, il y a des risques que je commette […]

Thai Phrasal Verbs – Veradej Wisetjarkhun Unlike English verbs that pair up with preposition, Thai verbs pair with another verb. This feature in Thai may be easier for people who […]

Être ou ne pas être… par Bernard Le Du Un des gros problèmes que rencontre le débutant en thaï, s’il est de langue maternelle française, anglaise et sans doute quelques […]