Some posts of fun reading practice material

On the BTS

Everyone has a story to tell when it comes to the BTS but the story that is told here might be a bit different. I did a free interpretation of […]

Reading Non-Standard Fonts Having mastered the art of reading Thai, the learner is then faced with the next obstacle, attempting to read the great variety of non-standard fonts in the […]

Thai Tone Rules. Which tone to use when Being able to pronounce the tones, it is an important part of reading to learn how to tell which tone to use. […]

Music To Your Ears

Using Music To Learn Thai Learning must be fun! Having fun while learning any subject enables us to remember better, but also it provides added motivation and helps us to […]

3D Syllables

3D Syllables – Stuart Jay RaJ I saw the topic of whether splitting or physically ‘parsing’ Thai sentences into syllable blocks was a good thing or a bad thing. This […]