1. Thank you for this clear and entertaining interview. While I lived in Thailand for a while, for SEE TEFL, I had a real advantage for leaning parts of the Thai language with Maarten being a personal friend of mine. We were neighbours there for a while. It was through him that I learned about the Thai language learning book mentioned in this interview. The book was extremely helpful indeed and I must say I can recognise the above words about it very well. Especially in comparison to many other books I’ve had a look at, I found this book to be really easy to adopt. Due to the way the information was presented, its layout, etc. I’m confident that any new books (for example on Burmese) will be excellent just as well.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands,


  2. I have to say the future of Paiboon Publishing looks really promising. It’s a shame that the Digital Age has come so late and I think a lot more westerners would have ample knowledge of Thai had that been the case.

    I think that ultimately, because now iPhones, iPads, Cloud Storage etc are making our lives so much simpler, and one doesn’t need to haul around 30 cassette tapes (yep, the original had to use around that number of tapes to put all the audio that accompanies the book there) and multiple books, learning a second language has never been easier, I look down at my iPhone and if I try to visualise how many books and tapes and dictionaries are just on that little device, it’s quite an advancement and it opens a world of possibilities. My bookcase unfortunately has to stay at home but that doesn’t mean now that if I am stuck on a plane or in a car, I can’t learn Thai on the go.

  3. Don Satterthwaite

    I am a beginning student of Thai and need all the help I can get. Finding Paiboon Publishing was a life saver.
    Your interview helps explain why the quality of everything that I have ordered from Paiboon Publishing far exceeds my expectations. Also the responsiveness is outstanding. It is quick and goes a step beyond the usual norm. This is a complete contrast to many of the non-response I get when contacting a company online (unless you are placing an order).
    Whether using their books, CDs, videos or phone apps the content and the technical skills to put it together are fantastic. An example is the Thai Dictionary for my Android phone. It has everything one would expect in a paper dictionary and then adds several levels of material. For instance the Help topics are like complete language lessons by themselves. They break down the spelling, have topics on Speaking & Listening, Pronunciation Guide Systems (and let you display the ones you prefer), Reading & Writing, and Useful word groups. Each of these topics also have sub-topics. And of course it all has audio.
    My thanks and gratitude to Benjawan Poonsan!

    1. Don Satterthwaite

      Please excuse the typo in Poomsan. So sorry.


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