Asking a Favour

Need a favor ?  –  Khun Wannaporn

Can you ____ please ?
ช่วย ______ หน่อยได้มั๊ยคะ
chûay ______ nòi dâai mái ká?

chûay bpìt fai nòi dâai mái ká
Can you turn the light off please?

chûay rèe sĭang nòi dâai mái kráp
Can you turn ( the volume ) down please?

chûay kà-yèrp nòi dâai mái kráp
Can you move a little please? ( when you want people to give you some room )

chûay pôot cháa cháa nòi dâai mái kráp
Can you speak slowly please?

* ká for women, kráp for men *

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