About Us

Way back in the latter days of 2013. Richard Jensen started a Facebook Group called Farang Can Learn Thai A place where learners of Thai could exchange tips and ideas. The group exploded in popularity. By the beginning of March 2014 there were more than 4000 members from across the globe. Ranging from absolute beginners to fluent experts, from learners to teachers to famous linguists, Farang to native Thai folk.

There was so much useful and fun material appearing on the site that I began to worry about it “scrolling off the end” into cyber oblivion. So I wondered why there wasn’t someone collecting, collating and archiving it all….

This is, and always will be, a work in progress

Site maintained by Maarten Tummers and Keith Williams

You can always contact us via the Facebook Page by emailing us via webmaster@farangcanlearnthai.com or by using the contact form below